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Florenci Fruits

Three generations growing fresh and local products from the Empordà.

We produce, preserve and commercialise apples in Sant Pere Pescador.

The value of our product

In the world of seasonal fruits, one name stands out: Florenci Fruits. With passion and commitment, we dedicate ourselves to every stage, from cultivation to delivery, ensuring that every bite of our delicious fruit is an exceptional experience. Discover the freshness and quality that distinguishes us in each harvest.

How do we work?

With more than 260 hectares of apple trees, strategically located in the heart of the Costa Brava. At Florenci Fruits we take quality and environmental care very seriously.

Our history

At Florenci Fruits, the tradition and passion for fresh fruit dates back to 1952, when Joan Bosch i Batlle started with a small fruit tree plantation located in Sant Pere Pescador.

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Enjoy and savour the freshest, seasonal fruits in just one click.

Now you can buy our fruit and vegetable baskets from the comfort of your home. In just one click, you will have access to the best selection of fresh products grown with great care and passion. So, get ready to fill your basket with the best of Florenci Fruits… Because we are excited to bring it straight to your home.

Quality seals that endorse us

If there is one thing our apples have, it is that they are backed by the most prestigious quality seals in the industry. From seed to table, each apple undergoes rigorous controls to ensure the freshness, flavour, and nutrition you deserve.

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