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From me to you. At Florenci Fruits, we adapt to the needs of our customers, always taking into account the type of market required.
That is why, depending on the conditions of each order, we carry out one type of packaging or another.







Florenci Fruits goes from the field to your home.


Did you know that at Florenci Fruits we grow our delicious apples on 125 hectares of land right in the heart of the Costa Brava?

Yes, just where the tramontana breeze and the proximity to the sea make our apples the freshest and tastiest you can imagine.

Our commitment to quality and environmental care leads us to be especially careful in the use of phytosanitary treatments. After all, we want you to enjoy our apples and fruits with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Costa Brava
Alt Empordà
Near the sea
50 ha Florenci Fruits
75 ha Associated producers


In the way of the Rajoleria from Sant Pere Pescador we find the structure of Florenci Fruits, distributed in:
Route storage area (where we have 9 controlled atmosphere cold rooms).
Product handling area.
Company management and administration offices.

And, talking about care… Did you know that our apples are treated with the ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) method to preserve their freshness? Yes, we meticulously control the atmosphere and temperature to ensure that each apple gets to you in its best condition, ready to be enjoyed!

And in 2024, we have big plans! We are expanding our facilities to better serve your needs. We will soon have 19 dynamic atmosphere cold rooms, along with improvements in our facilities to obtain new certifications.


We take care of every detail in the handling process of our beloved apples. Undoubtedly, it is a ballet of freshness and precision.

First, our apples come out of the cold stores and are gently transported by a robot to the cleaning area. Imagine our apples enjoying a nice bath before they reach your hands!

They then go through a wonderful machine that sorts the apples by size and distributes them into the crates on the packing line, where they are lovingly checked and carefully placed by our staff. In addition, the machine takes care of discarding any apples that do not meet our exacting quality standards, but don’t worry, nothing goes to waste! Those that fall short of perfection find their place in the market.

Once each box is full of apples, it undergoes a final visual check to make sure they are spotless before labelling and palletizing. And then, they go back into cold storage to wait for their moment to shine on your table!

And here comes the exciting part: with our next expansion, we plan to upgrade our machine to be able to handle not only apples, but also pears and peaches even more efficiently and competitively.

Without a doubt, we are ready to offer you the best of fresh fruit, always with that special Florenci Fruits touch.


At Florenci Fruits, we bring the freshness of our apples to your door. We ship anywhere in Spain, Europe and beyond, with all the necessary certificates to guarantee the freshness and quality of our apples at each destination.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive service to a wide range of customers. From large supermarket chains to cosy neighbourhood greengrocers, and from catering companies to anyone who wants to enjoy the best fruit at home.

Thanks to our specialized team, our state-of-the-art facilities and our commitment to quality, every Florenci Fruits delivery is a satisfaction guaranteed experience.

Without a doubt, we can’t wait to send you a little piece of our fruit paradise!

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