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At Florenci Fruits, we are not only dedicated to growing the best apples in the Empordà, but we are also pleased to offer you a variety of fresh and delicious products to satisfy all your cravings.

We invite you to discover why every Florenci Fruits product is synonymous with quality and freshness.

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Conference Pear

The Conference Pear is known for its medium/large size and elegant elongated shape. Its bright green skin, sometimes with reddish tones, gives it an irresistible appearance. But the best part is inside: with a sweet, juicy flavour and a firm, crunchy texture, every bite is an explosion of freshness and flavour.


Sweet and juicy


Firm and crispy


Bright green, sometimes with reddish tones

Apple juice

Our apple juice is the ideal choice for those looking for a convenient and long-lasting option. Thanks to its innovative 3L bag-in-box format, you can enjoy its freshness for much longer. Plus, with its integrated faucet system, pouring juice is easier than ever, avoiding unnecessary spills and ensuring a hassle-free experience. Tell us… Are you ready to enjoy the freshness and natural flavour of the apple in every sip?

Other vegetables and fruits

Although we are apple lovers, we are also passionate about offering you a wide selection of other fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. From exotic mangoes to sweet strawberries, refreshing watermelons, crunchy lettuces, juicy carrots and much more. We have everything you need for a balanced and delicious diet.


With our basket, enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables has never been easier and more convenient. Is there anything better than having a carefully selected and hand-picked selection of natural and healthy products delivered directly to your door? Undoubtedly, there is not.

In just one click, you can order your basket and choose the delivery frequency that best suits you. And best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your couch!

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Enjoy and savour the freshest and most seasonal fruit in just one click.

Now you can buy our fruit and vegetable baskets from the comfort of your home. With just one click, you will have access to the best selection of fresh produce grown with care and passion. So, get ready to fill your basket with the best of Florenci Fruits… Because we are excited to bring it straight to your home.

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Apple Juice

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